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Terms & Conditions

  • We charge Rs. ……………………………. As our service charge for …………………………. months.

  • In case of Refund 25% + Monthly charges will be deducted.

  • If you (the employer) withdraw the contract after one month and before three months, then only 30% of the received commission will be refundable.

  • The refund process will take a maximum of 90 days.

  • The re-placement guarantee period is …………………………... Months or till Date…………………...….

  • If the provided candidate continues their services after completion of the given contract, then the renewal fee will be charged.

  • The employer is requested to pay a travel allowance at the time of joining/re-placement of a candidate.

  • The contract will get terminate without any refund if there will any misbehave, harassment, delayed salary.

  • This format will be treated as a valid agreement between Kumar Personnel Services Pvt. Ltd. and the client, and both the parties are bound to follow the terms.

  • If our candidate is working in your house, and any type of accident occurs towards the candidate, then the client needs to pay the medical expenses of the candidate.

  • If the candidate does not take holidays, then the client needs to pay the salary of given holidays.

  • In the case of patient care, if the patient death occurs within the agreed agreement. No refund will be applicable.

  • Before the placement of the maid, the client has to give us the ‘job description’ of the type of work the maid needs to do and the salary offered. The client cannot make the maid do anything outside the job description nor reduce the salary of the maid. If the maid leaves because the client asked her to do anything outside the job description or due to a reduction of salary then Kumar Personnel Service Pvt. Ltd. will not replace the maid and neither refund the placement charges paid by the client.

  • We request all clients, to do a POLICE VERIFICATION of the maid. This ensures that the maid is free of any criminal charges in the past. At any given point of time if there is any crime done by the candidate (Civil or criminal), Kumar Personnel Service Pvt. Ltd. would not be responsible for the same.

  • If the maid asks for a salary in advance, it is entirely the client’s decision to give the advance salary. In case the maid leaves and the client had paid an excess salary, then Kumar Personnel Service Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible to retrieve/refund the same.

  • The contract period can be availed for 11 months. As per the requirement of the client.

  • The client will check the bags, purse, or any other thing that the maid is carrying before the maid enters the home, and before the maid leaves the home.

  • In case the client didn’t like the maid, then they need to give notice of 15 days before the client release’s the maid so that we can find a replacement for the client. Also, the job description of the maid cannot be changed by the client for replacement.

  • In case of replacement, the client needs to clear the due salary of the previous maid. If the client fails to clear the salary then Kumar Personnel Services Pvt. Ltd. has the right to revoke replacement. 

  • All disputes (if arises) are subjected to Delhi Jurisdiction only.


I read, understand & agree with this Terms and Conditions.

Signature (Client)

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